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About Us

At Hai Dent, we offer state-of-the-art dental experience by offering technologically advanced latest techniques, materials and equipments being handled by our expert specialized team of dentists. With the dental centers based at prime locations in Mumbai, Hai Dent provides a complete dental solution ranging from cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, smile makeover, dental implant, dentures, dental bridges, pediatric dentistry, teeth whitening, Hollywood smile, laser dentistry, veneer and lumineers, esthetic dentistry. Whatever is the dental concern, Hai Dent can provide personalized service and a wide range of dental treatment alternatives all under one roof.

Oral health is a gateway to a healthy body.
Several nutritional deficiencies are brought to the notice of an individual through the conditions seen in the mouth. Research shows that more than 80% of all systemic diseases have oral findings like swollen and bleeding gums, ulcers, dry mouth, burning/enlarged/swollen tongue, etc. While dental decay remains the most prevalent chronic condition affecting an individual, one believes that they must see a dentist only if they are in dental pain. If the teeth are not cleaned well, plaque and tartar will accumulate at the base of the tooth causing gum irritation and inflammation. With dentistry's many technologies and advances, diagnosis and treatment planning are more sophisticated, precise and comfortable than ever.


1. IMPLANTS are titanium screws placed inside the bone to provide same anchorage as in natural teeth above which crown is fixed.
2. ENDODONTICS (Root canal treatment) treats teeth that are infected, decayed or cracked. The diseased pulp is removed, clean the chamber and root canals of the tooth and then seal it.
3. PORCELAIN CROWNS strengthens and improves the appearance of discoloured or badly shaped teeth, thus preventing their breakage or to restore weaker tooth structure.
4. FULL MOUTH BRIDGEWORK/PROSTHETICS aids to replace single or multiple missing teeth.
5. PERIODONTICS to prevent and treat gum and tissue diseases.
6. PEDODONTICS which deals with children’s dentistry.
7. ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY to remove broken, decayed tooth pieces or malaligned wisdom tooth.
8. ORTHODONTICS to correct protruding, crowded or misaligned/ irregularly shaped teeth. We also offer nearly invisible solutions to regular braces like Invisalign and clearpath appliances.
9. LASER DENTISTRY uses laser energy in the form of light for several dental applications including gum depigmentation, tooth bleaching, gum contouring etc.


1. VENEERS are thin, custom-made shells made in tooth coloured materials to correct discolouration or tooth imperfections.
2. SMILE MAKEOVERS which involves a comprehensive assessment and correction of the overall appearance of the teeth and to deliver beautiful smile to the patient.
3. TEETH WHITENING to brighten yellow, stained or discoloured teeth and make them appear whiter to achieve the brightest smile possible.


1. ROUTINE DENTAL CARE to assess the health of the teeth, gums and mouth every 6 months.
2. DENTURES are partial or complete artificial replacement of natural teeth and surrounding tissues. They are removable so you can clean them and brush them after every meal.
3. SEALANTS are low viscosity resin that are bonded to the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars to act as a barrier for the plaque and acidic attack on the enamel.
4. FILLINGS are restorative materials to repair decayed and damaged tooth.
5. CUSTOM MOUTH GUARDS are appliances to prevent tooth grinding and any muscular or temporomandibular disorders.
6. Digital OPG for complete evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Our international standards caters to not only our clients in Mumbai but also in the expatriate community and dental tourists from all over the world. Health tourism has emerged as a trending concept for medical and surgical services. We at Hai Dent, strive to offer exceptional dental treatment, all while ensuring patient’s comfort and pleasurable travelling experience.

For mass awareness of the availability of such services and empowerment of health care professionals, Hai Dent had organized induction programmes with keynote speakers like Dr Prem Jagyasi and Dr MM Begani. With remarkable proficiency, Dr Prem Jagyasi who is an award-winning global leader, renowned speaker, tourism expert and entrepreneur discussed a plethora of ideas to boost dental industry with global healthcare. Dr MM Begani, a well-known skilled surgeon in Mumbai chaired our musical event with Bollywood stalwarts like Sudesh Lehri, Sunil Pal and Ahsaan Qureshi. This initiative through television actors and models was to highlight various aspects of healthcare and dental well-being of our society.

Hai Dent strives for excellence and is committed to provide you and your family safe, gentle and expert dental care at affordable cost. Your visit to our dental centre is all about you- your comfort, your smile and your dental health.

Hai Dent has modern, hi-tech and multi-speciality dental clinics across Mumbai and Delhi NCR(Gurgaon). Our focus is to provide quality and comfortable dental care services to all patients hence we have a team of highly experienced and specialized dentists with quintessential skills. Our clinic infrastructure includes the Latest Dental & sterilization equipment to offer high standards of hygiene in dental procedures.

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